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Objects stored in Azure Key Vault retain versions whenever a new instance of an object is created, and each version has a unique identifier and URL.

When an object is first created, it is given a unique version identifier and is marked as the current version of the object.

Creation of a new instance with the same object name gives the new object a unique version identifier and causes it to become the current version.

Objects in Azure Key Vault can be addressed using the current identifier or a version-specific identifier.

If you create or import keys as software-protected then they are processed inside cryptographic modules validated to FIPS 140-2 Level 1 or higher. While WRAPKEY/UNWRAPKEY using asymmetric keys may seem superfluous as the operation is equivalent to ENCRYPT/DECRYPT, the use of distinct operations is considered important to provide semantic and authorization separation of these operations and consistency when other key types are supported by the service.

Azure Key Vault does not support EXPORT operations: once a key is provisioned in the system it cannot be extracted or its key material modified.

The rationale for using the expired state is to allow recovery operations on data that was created when the key was valid.Alternatively, the IMPORT operation may be used against multiple Azure Key Vault instances.Users may restrict any of the cryptographic operations that Azure Key Vault supports on a per-key basis using the key_ops property of the JWK object.Key Vault also supports certificates, which are built on top of keys and secrets and add an automated renewal feature.For more general information about Azure Key Vault, see What is Azure Key Vault?

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