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Moreover, research shows that our brains are more likely to come up with brilliant ideas when we are focusing; thus, the proverbial a-ha moment in the shower.

So instead of over-scheduling kids, we should be blocking out time when they can be left to their own devices.

Here are a few of the most damaging things many of us may be teaching our children about success, and what we should tell them instead. As a consequence, focusing too hard on the future can actually our performance.

And when our minds wander, we can start to brood over the past or worry about the future — thereby leading to negative emotions like anger, regret, and stress.

So instead of identifying your child’s strengths, teach them that they actually can learn , shows that children will be more optimistic and even enthusiastic in the face of challenges, knowing that they just need to give it another go to improve.

And they will be less likely to feel down about themselves and their talents. We tell our kids: Know your weaknesses, and don’t be soft. We also tend to think that criticism is important for self-improvement.

But research on self-criticism shows that it is basically .

It keeps you focused on what’s wrong with you, thereby decreasing your confidence.

It’s no surprise that research shows that children whose parents are dealing with burnout at work are more likely than their peers to experience burnout at school. Research shows that our minds tend to wander 50 percent of the time we’re awake.Children do better, and feel happier, if they learn how to stay in the present moment.Positive emotions also make you more resilient to stress , helping you overcome challenges and setbacks more quickly so you can get back on track.It’s certainly good for children to have goals they’re working toward.

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