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For example, you confront your girlfriend with something hurtful she’s done like being rude to your family. You always blame me when things go wrong with your family. These behaviors and distorted beliefs are indications of “[her] inability to communicate, [her] inability to solve problems and [her] world view that [she’s] a victim and ‘it’s not fair.’ If things aren’t fair, then the rules about cursing at people or breaking things don’t apply to [her], because it’s not [her] fault. These kids [and women] have a way of thinking that justifies violating other people’s boundaries and that sees them as a victim of everything.

When you try to interfere with or challenge that kind of thinking, these kids [and women] will get more upset, threatening or destructive” (Lehman, Empowering Parents).

Most mental health professionals are unable to do this.Not all, but many individuals with these diagnoses or traits are developmentally arrested at an emotionally immature age. Children often blame others when an adult tries to hold them responsible for their behaviors.This is a natural behavior in children and it’s a parents’ job to teach their children how to hold themselves accountable and face the consequences of their actions, so they can become responsible, functioning adults.Have you ever wished you could put her in a timeout chair just like you would a toddler? Men who are in relationships with abusive women often say that they feel like they’re dealing with a child in an adult’s body in regards to their wife, girlfriend or ex.This is especially true if she has a Cluster B personality disorder or traits (Histrionic Personality Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Antisocial Personality Disorder).

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