Windows 7 epg not updating

It was initially inspired and supported by forum members at Geekzone where the enthusiasm shown got the project started.

There are some individuals who need special mention though having provided outstanding support to the developers.

For Windows 8 Pro and 8.1 Pro if you don't already have Media Center installed you will need to download and install Microsoft's Windows Media Center Pack for your Windows version.

If your Windows 8 or 8.1 version is not the Pro version you will need to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro via Microsoft's Windows 8.1 Pro Pack...

It is not necessary to uninstall any old version before installing a new version. For simple collections it may not be necessary to adjust any of the default settings. When asked if the parameters currently loaded are to be used answer 'Yes'. The collection process will run and it's progress can be seen in EPG Centre. A message will appear when the collection process is complete, normally within a minute or two. If the collection did not work Select Window - Collection Parameters to adjust the parameters, save them and try again. If the collection was successful a command file can be created to run the collection on a regular basis. It may be needed if the Output tab option is chosen to check for programme repeats in Windows Media Centre. It contains various options that are only used in relatively unusual collection scenarios. The fields should only be set under the direction of the developer.

If you install from the Windows Installer file a shortcut is installed on the Desktop to run EPG Centre. Select a preset task or if none of the tasks in the list are appropriate select Custom Parameters. At a minimum the Tuning tab will need to be completed identifying the delivery system and frequency or channel that is to be used. How to do this can be found in section 2.2.2 below. It enables data to be created for timeshifted channels (ie the 1 hour type of channel) where no data is broadcast for the timeshifted channel. It enables programmes to be excluded from the repeat check. One field that may need to be set is the Country field as this is mandatory for Open TV data collections. A detailed description of all the parameter settings available is in Appendix 1.

and then install Microsoft's Windows Media Center Pack.

Or, apparently users of Windows 8.1 without Media Center can install the unofficial and unsupported Windows 10 Media Center from the digitallife forum but we have not tested it in Windows 8.1.

To uninstall Ice TV Interactive go to the "Start" menu in Windows and choose "Control Panel".You obviously need a version of Windows (7 or later) that has Windows Media Center Installed.To check if your Windows version includes Media Center or has a download available see this Microsoft page.2.2 Standalone collections ========================== The following steps are carried out to collect EPG data using standalone collections: 1. A single parameter file can be used to collect data for multiple frequencies on the same or different delivery systems (ie satellite, terrestrial, cable etc). It contains parameters that directly affect the output data and where it is created. Do not use this tab if there are a large number of channels on the frequencies to be processed. Any parameters currently loaded into EPG Centre can be used or an existing parameter file chosen.If different delivery systems are chosen in a single parameter file the tuner appropriate for each frequency will be used. It specifies the tuners to be used, the delivery systems and the frequencies or channels to be scanned. As the collection process proceeds the messages that are written to the collection log file also appear in EPG Centre.

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