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And then another person was killed in retribution to that. ” Smith asked.“He was my best friend,” Foltz replied. Sam, always finding the cheapest hotels, always saving his money.“Ibiza, we went to Israel, Prague, Oktoberfest, down to Munich,” said Foltz.“He always wanted to go places, but he always wanted to be a cheapskate about it,” he continued with a laugh. He saved every penny.”And when they finished fighting a war, the best friends headed home to Southern California, where Sam shared his world with Foltz. Raquel, Steve, Sam and Julie even shared a meal together.“And she was an angel. And according to his parents, the bottom line on Sam? Just a fun-loving guy,” said Steve Herr.“What did you love about Sam? Steve Herr pulled up his son’s bank account.“Money was being withdrawn everyday,” he told Smith. ” Smith asked.“From Long Beach,” Steve Herr replied. belonged to Dan Wozniak.”Dan Wozniak, a local actor with a magnetic personality – who would soon be starring in a real-life police drama. he’s on the run,” said June Kibuishi.“What was going through your head? hard in that sense that you know there’s something going on and you don’t know all the pieces. And you’re willing to do anything to figure out the answer,” said Foltz.

At 18, he got mixed up with a rough crowd of that included gangbangers.“A person was killed, murdered. That part, that part of life was over with.”Asked if Sam was ever in a gang, his parents replied, “No.”But to the cops, Sam’s past confirmed all their current suspicions: Sam was their killer. Miles Foltz met Sam as he was turning his life around -- leaving his bad choices behind, fighting for his country, enlisting in the Army, and deploying to Afghanistan.“We were both stationed at a base out in the middle of nowhere,” he said.“How good a friend was Sam? She would always come over to help Sam with his studying, he recalled.”They were kind of like brother and sister, and that’s how their relationship was.”And when Sam struggled with a course, Julie helped him. Because she was tutoring Sammy with anthropology, which by the way he got an ‘A’ in that class,” Sam’s mother, Raquel Herr said. But police are certain both parents and friends don’t know the dark truth about Sam. Cohen.“There was no activity on his phone, so we assumed it was turned off,” said Det. And the cops aren’t the only detectives on this case. It was the only number they had with a Long Beach area code.“And the money was being withdrawn? Matt Murphy recalls what he was feeling at that moment. “You, Dan, are a coward and a poster boy for the need of the effective death penalty in California,” Steve Herr told his son’s killer. That this state won’t let me kill this coward myself. “You took her precious life and then you disgraced her,” June Kibuishi addressed Wozniak.

Desperate to impress his bride, the groom-to-be set his sights on friend and neighbor, Sam Herr, who he knew had saved all that money as a soldier. ” Smith asked.“Yeah,” said Kennedy.“That just kind of killed me when I found out that, you know, she thought it was Sam … and of course she was the first one to go and help him,” said Julie’s mother, June Kibuishi. He then wrote “All Yours F--- You” on the back of her sweater and cut her pants off.“He wanted to set up Sam.

And it just didn’t seem right.”“What do you mean, it didn’t seem right? ’ And I said, ‘Yes.’ And they came in and one of them told me, ‘OK, Mrs. But now Julie Kibuishi, the young woman her mom lovingly calls a “goofball” had been shot dead and possibly raped in Sam’s apartment. I saw nothing.”Foltz went out looking for Sam, too.“And nothing? The actors met on stage back when Freilich was in middle school.“Fantastic guy. And in 2010, Wozniak was a small-town star in the play “Nine,” down at the community theater.“So was Daniel a good actor? Phil Mc Graw all about it.“I first met Dan doing a play,” she said on “Dr. Wozniak first tells detectives he saw Sam the same day Julie was murdered. They will have to determine whether Wozniak should be given life in prison or be sentenced to death. Six people testify on behalf of Sam and Julie, but not one of Wozniak’s family members ever showed up to support him. Before the judge could formally sentence Wozniak, Sanders demanded more time to explore the informant issue and argue against the death penalty.

” Smith asked.“It’s just, my daughter was such -- she’s the person that always kind of take care of friends,” June Kibuishi replied. ”“Because of the closeness Sam, myself and Raquel had,” he replied. ” Smith asked.“My mom was a theater teacher, so by nature I drifted towards acting as an extracurricular activity,” he replied. It was Wesley Freilich in disguise, flashing Sam Herr’s bank card.“Somebody ordered a pizza on Sam’s credit card? Everett.“Yes,” he replied.“So, I order the pizza,” said Freilich. Fellow actor and blushing bride-to-be Rachel Buffett would later tell Dr. …It looked as though we were going to have an awesome future.”But the curtain was about to come down on those plans. Just two weeks later, the same jurors were back in the same courtroom for what’s called the penalty phase.

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“They wanna test and see could she be involved in this.”Rachel Buffett barely reacted to the news that the man she was set to marry the following day was under arrest for covering up a murder -- or that her wedding was off. “You know, he gets things that way.”“Do you feel like Sam and Julie have been forgotten in all of this? …You gotta put their names.”Last December, finally, their names would be spoken.

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