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Beesley plays Charlie, the suave head receptionist.He is our way into the hotel, introducing us to the cast of colourful characters who people the "backstage" area of the establishment, including the ambitious general manager, Rebecca (Tamzin Outhwaite), and the Cockney concierge, Tony (Dexter Fletcher).But, most famously, Beesley spent eight months in 2003 touring the world with his close friend Robbie Williams.During the course of the global jaunt, they played to a staggering two million people."No," he replies, "I don't crave that buzz because I've had the ultimate live experience.Playing Knebworth with Rob in front of an audience of 70,000 is hard to match.Beesley is best known for a variety of roles on British TV including “Hotel Babylon,” “Mad Dogs,” “Ordinary Lies” and “Survivors.” Film-wise, he was a co-lead with Mariah Carey in “Glitter,” and could also be seen in “The Emperor’s Wife” and “Pawn.” “Homeland” Season 5 will pick up two years after Carrie’s ill-fated tenure as Islamabad station chief.

Brown is described as smart, but he is not entirely comfortable working under Carrie Mathison (Danes).

Looking back, Beesley feels that this press fascination with his private life might have damaged his career. However intelligent they are, casting directors think: 'He must be out partying all the time, so we'll recruit someone else.'" In spite of everything, though, Beesley retains an impressive equanimity about that time. You have to just try to keep doing good work and let that speak for you." He is not so calm, however, when it comes to discussing our current fixation on celebrity. "We're a nation that just can't get enough of celebrity magazines.

The public seem to think that fame will bring them a lifestyle of endless travel and parties.

The son of the jazz drummer Maxton Beesley and the jazz singer Chris Marlowe, Beesley attended Chetham's School of Music, in Manchester, and was once a choirboy in Manchester Cathedral.

He has penned the score to the movie The Emperor's Wife, and written songs for Geri Halliwell.

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