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James wasted no time in delivering the question of the hour, asking Katy, who was decked out in a cute PJ set (complete with a matching sleep mask), to rank the men “from best to worst in bed, working on the notion that they’re all good.” It took several “nos” and giggles between the two before it was understood that Diplo (sorry) was the worst out of all three for Katy, followed by silver medalist Orlando Bloom, which means John Mayer is the best.Sweet little Nugget, Katy’s dog, was there for the segment too.Simulcast viewing is available in Lundholm Gymnasium. – Gardeners preparing to plant their fruits and vegetables have a number of new summer squash, melon and pumpkins options that were developed at the NH Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of New Hampshire by a researcher who represents the longest continuous squash and... From an evolutionary standpoint, this can be very beneficial, as different circumstances may favor the success...

Katy Perry’s three-day livestream on You Tube hit a high note Sunday when James Corden dropped by for a little chat in a segment called “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” He should’ve just called it “Let’s Talk About Your Exes” since he brought up Diplo, John Mayer, and her most recent ex-turned-friend Orlando Bloom.Lil Wayne will love you and leave you (with a 0 bill) Pretty horrific is one Redditor's story of his ex-girlfriend's roommate's hook-up with none other than Lil Wayne, who had sex with her before throwing her out of his tour bus with a 0 bill. "Hot Shit" regardless, you're probably on my shitlist if you take that "money over bitches that's the motto I follow" line to heart.Photo by John Salangsang/ Harry Styles finds his conquests at cupcake shops As dubiously-true hookup stories go, this one about Harry Styles is, well, rather charming.DMX's answering machine is legendary According to a Redditor aptly named Bob Doles Potato, he obtained rap legend DMX's phone number from a friend of his roommate's mom who slept with him -- and his answering message was just him barking (!!! In his alleged Cruise encounter, the star donned a body suit, and had a wrestling mat that the two promptly used to engage in some Greco-Roman power moves (according to Barresi, they would later engage in some heavy butt play and masturbation)."I hear they call you Big Red," Cruise supposedly whispered to the rentboy mid-wrestle.

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Since then, the mystery man has been identified as Gene Stupnitsky, according to , Jennifer Lawrence has become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry.

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