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While attending Baylor University, he also earned the salary of ,000 annually by performing all over the country. He then appeared in Born on 18th April 1962, Jeff was born as Jeff Dunham in Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

The actual information related to his biological parents is unknown and he was raised by Howard Dunham and Joyce.

Brooke Hogan shows up in the season's first episode. The rock band, Good Charlotte, appears in episode two and they are interviewed reluctantly by Walter.

Some of the other misadventures that the characters have on the show included, Bubba J visiting a gun range and later being admitted to rehab.

At the end of 2011, they got engaged and they got married on 12 October 2012. Jeff has five children in total; three daughter and two sons.Peanut usually has a strong presence in each episode.One memorable appearance had Peanut filming an infomercial for his self made energy drink.The Jeff Dunham show is a sketch comedy and variety show that was hosted by Jeff Dunham and incorporated all of the characters that he uses in his very popular stage act.The show ran for one season with a total of 7 episodes being produced.

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