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I get that this is a mass marketed scent which, I'm usually not fond of but this perfume smells so good so I can see how it became so popular.Funny where I am I don't smell it on everyone but even so I wouldn't care.I’m sure this could be worn during the day during the cooler months but I reserve this for special occasions like I do with my Chanel bag.If deciding which Chanel fragrance to chose from as your first, I would recomment trying out this one. in English fragrantica they say - the smell is very ... but this is how to reject the postulates of beauty - why the Apollo nose is straight - give us a niche snub-nosed ..I have smelled this on other people and it smells very lovely, but on me it smells like one of those old school, gel cone-shaped air fresheners that my grandmother had on the back of her toilet. fresh and clean like as a breeze of air after the sauna. crystal like,unbelievably long lasting incredibly high-quality . - and for me, the mamsel is still beautiful, no I did not have it. citrus perfumes are soo short playing and mamsel loud and clear. the spellbinding charm of the bourgeoisie To me, this smells like an early spring day in Paris - youthful but chic, fresh yet classic, blossoms in the air and crisp white wine at dinner. I won't go into the individual notes as I don't believe they are really that distinguishable, and the whole scent is so much more than the sum of its parts.I have just finished a 100ml bottle of CM EDP that I was given 10 (! By keeping it in the box and away from sunshine it has stayed perfect throughout those years.I can feel a bit of adventurousness in it, too, and can see myself wearing this to all sorts of outings. The thing was that she usually owersprayed (like 5- 6 times before she went out)..a lot of people were complaining about her, the room was always "full of her" and many women got headache...I never got headache , but to be honest, I didn´t like it..my mother said : it´s like a cheap spray for toilette...

I apologize to the CM lovers, but the OG Coco, and other vintage classics, are sooooo much better imo.It makes me feel like I'm enveloped in an expensive cashmere-soft sweater. @CIEL- Thank you for recommending the EDP Intense version for people who don't especially like the opening of Coco Mad EDP. Had it for few years, was never really a love for me, was more something fresh & classy to wear from time to time until I got bored of it, I don't see myself returning to Coco Mademoiselle, neither getting her intense sister.Like I want to drink cocoa and have a scone while reading a novel on a rainy day. Long but nice story with this beautiful fragrance :) I used to know a person who loved this perfume.That is not to say that this wouldn't suit older wearers - I do think it is truly an ageless scent.Yes, it is very popular and therefore ubiquitous, but I think it is for good reason. My fiance gave me a 50ml bottle of this for my birthday in 2015.

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