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Lindsey: Serious J-14: And Ethan, what about Lindsey? Can you imagine being the grandchild of a celebrity?

The wait is finally over -- 10 Things I Hate About You returns tonight at 8 pm on ABC Family.So really the theme is romance, love, heartbreak and all of that, so everything we love and all the drama. J-14: What's the relationship like between Kat and Patrick now? Towards the middle of the season it starts to get a little rocky again. Lindsey: Absolutely and their feelings are getting a little bit deeper and things are just getting more complex. J-14: Ok tell us the first thing that pops into your head when you hear your costars' names.J-14: In the first episode, Patrick and Kat cut school. First up: Meaghan Lindsey: Bubbly Ethan: Blonde J-14: Nick Lindsey: Goofy Ethan: Tall J-14: Ok Lindsay, what about Ethan?We need to start teaching nutrition in schools and educating children from a young age about what it means to eat the right way.Understanding the food we eat is of the utmost importance to our physical and mental health.

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Having a super famous grandparent certainly has its perks.

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