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Police in Australia are refusing to apologize for failing to properly investigate a string of homicides in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s believed to have been motivated by anti-LGBT bigotry.

logo.to/2k A31Ic There are reports of anti-LGBT Russians threatening violence against the community for the #World Cup.

LGBT rights advocates say they will fly rainbow flags in the stadium in spite of the threats.

Some of his celebrity idols include Eiza Gonzalez, Paulina Rubio and Amanda Bynes.

I don't know what freaks me out the most: That Reedus doesn't always look like Daryl, or that Daryl is married to a former super model.

They are apparently no longer together, but what matters is that THEY ONCE WERE.

), and even the reviled Dane Cook gives a warm, quiet, touching performance.

The Sondre Lerche soundtrack is a wonderful addition, and I'll buy the CD the second it's available.

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Also, why hasn't he been able to swing a hosting gig for Smulders?

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