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However, Sarah also makes the acquaintance of Bob (Dermot Mulroney), the divorced father of one of her students, and she finds herself having to choose between two potentially worthwhile men.

Meanwhile, Sarah's widowed father, Bill (Christopher Plummer), decides to give Internet dating a try, and lands himself a new steady in Dolly (Stockard Channing).

Carol decides to force the issue by posting Sarah's photo and profile on an Internet dating site, and soon a number of seemingly eligible bachelors are sending her e-mails in hopes of a date.

However, nearly every man she meets turns out to be a loser, with the exception of Jake (John Cusack), who is smart, good looking, and even brings along a dog for their walk in the park (though he doesn't tell her the pooch was borrowed for the occasion).

While her sisters, Christine (Ali Hillis) and Carol (Elizabeth Perkins), both think Sarah needs to start dating again, Sarah herself isn't so sure.L'Apple II è un successo straordinario, e improvvisamente, la società prende quota.Ma il successo crea una separazione fra Jobs e i suoi amici, come tra il suo coinquilino Kottke e la sua ragazza Chris-Ann Brennan.Nonostante il lancio esaltante, le vendite del nuovo computer tuttavia ristagnano a causa del prezzo elevato, fissato da Sculley in opposizione al parere negativo di Jobs.I contrasti tra i due aumentano, portando il consiglio di amministrazione a dover decidere chi tra i due dovesse continuare a guidare la Apple; il consiglio si schiera a favore di Sculley e Jobs viene costretto a lasciare l'azienda nel 1985.

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