What does the new testament say about dating

Among the 40 figures in the columns "Age of first son" and "Years after first son," all but six produce a remainder of 0 or 2 when divided by 5 (or, in other words, the final digit is 0, 2, 5 or 7). Along this line, note that the 1656-year period from Adam to the flood (see the entry for Arphaxad above) corresponds very closely to 86,400 weeks, which is a magic number in Egyptian cosmology, and which is memorialized even today in our reckoning of time: 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 86,400 seconds per day [Campbell1949, pg. Such analysis suggests, at the least, that these figures are not original, raw data, but instead have been edited and adjusted over the centuries.

Part of the difficulty with attempting to establish a biblical chronology is that early texts of the Old Testament substantially differ in some key details.

But others insisting on viewing the Bible as a perfect, complete and "inerrant" repository of God's word, and to them modern science is an affront to the authority of the Bible.

One issue that frequently arises is the biblical chronology, which, in traditional interpretations, has placed the creation in Genesis at 4000 BC, so that the earth, or even the entire universe, is a mere 6,000 years old.

Attempts to refine the biblical chronology continued through the 20th century [Jones2005b; Literalist2014].

Today, however, most biblical scholars, representing a broad range of denominations, concede that it is not possible to formulate a comprehensive Old Testament chronology, due to numerous internal disagreements and gaps in the scriptural record, together with difficulties in attempting to correlate the biblical record with Egyptian and Babylonian histories [Hyatt1964, pg. The following briefly summarizes a number of these difficulties and the consensus of biblical studies to resolve them.

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