Were ron goldman and nicole simpson dating

It's a mantra that, more than 60 years later, William Dear still swears by.

He said in the interview that he didn't remember saying that, but he did remember Nicole's mother questioning him: "I just recall Judy Brown pulling me over, looking me in the eye and saying to me, 'O. ' and I know I told her, 'No.'"He described seeing Nicole at the recital: "It was almost like she was trying to be a teenager again ... wearing the shortest, tightest thing she was wearing ...

Simpson insists his 'If I Did It' TV special was NOT a confession to murder -- and says the people on the show were all "a bunch of haters." Simpson gave his first sit-down interview since…

Simpson was all smiles and snapshots just a couple days after confessing to murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman ...

Without the bookends of "hypothetical" Simpson said, "I had no conscious memory of doing that but obviously I must have because they found the glove there." The years-long gap between the former NFL running back sitting for a videotaped interview with Judith Regan in 2006 and the airing of the interview Sunday night was explained last week by Terry Wrong, executive producer of the Sunday night program.

He said the interview tapes were originally shelved because the families of the victims feared that Simpson would profit from the interview.

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