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You can see the hole cut in the bottom to expose the CCD array (the square).

The pill bottle is just the right diameter to tightly fit over the T-threads of the camera to focuser adapter, shown on the right of the picture. The USB cable is plugged into a computer during use, and I run the vendor supplied web cam software to make the exposures.

I was able to find an old soft-plastic pill bottle that was the right diameter to snugly fit over the T thread.

The general location is at first guessed based on the IP number, but can be edited by whoever has better information.Then I use an image selection and averaging program to combine the frames of a film clip into a single image.This technique helps reduce atmospheric turbulence and pixel gain errors of the camera.You can see that with electrical tape and some thin cardboard (like poster board), I fabricated a simple cover over the rear of the astro-camera. My camera is only suitable for the moon and planets, in that it doesn't have the capacity for long time exposures.This is a image of the web cam astro-camera mounted to my Meade ETX90.

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Note, this technique can't really overcome a bad seeing night, but can certainly help reduce the residual turbulence on a good night.

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