Validating windows 7

Note This entry is required for device drivers that are installed through the Plug and Play (Pn P) manager. The GUID value is formatted as shown here, where each is a hexadecimal digit.This GUID value specifies the device setup class subkey in the registry ...\Class tree under which to write registry information for the drivers of devices that are installed from this INF file.

Specifying the matching GUID value for a device of any predefined device setup class can install the device and its drivers faster because this helps the system setup code to optimize its INF searching.

You should specify the appropriate value so that someone reading an INF file can determine the operating systems for which it is intended.

Some class installers put additional requirements on how the signature value must be specified.

This name is usually one of the system-defined class names, such as Net or Display, which are listed in .

For more information, see System-Supplied Device Setup Classes.

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This class-specific GUID value also identifies the device class installer for the type of device and class-specific property page provider, if any.

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