Valentine day gift ideas for dating

We only came to this decision realizing we’d fallen victim to the old consumer trap of trying to engineer material goods to serve as stand-ins for human emotions.

We get a little dopamine jolt when we unwrap a gift–that’s only natural.

I polled our Facebook group for your suggestions on how to celebrate in fine frugal fashion and you responded with gusto.

There were too many responses for me to include them all, but I’ve tried my best to hit the hight points below–many thanks to everyone who weighed in!

Clearly, we have unresolved issues over not just our money, but how we spend our money in service of our relationships. It doesn’t reflect your unique relationship or your unique closeness.

We are wide-eyed and aware of special occasion spending triggers!

We instead focus on time spent together–which is what my parents were cleverly doing in having us make our own Valentines around the kitchen table.

I also want to point out that–if you plan to go the commercial route–there’s a tremendous downside to celebrating Valentine’s Day on the actual February the 14th.

How Frugalwoods Readers Celebrate: Dani said: “A picnic is always a win, indoors probably, being February.

A bottle of inexpensive champagne and homemade chocolate covered pretzel sticks is an under treat that can make the evening festive.

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Sidenote on cards: I like to send cards to our families for occasions like Mother’s Day and birthdays and I buy them for $1 at the Dollar Store–they’re nice cards too!

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