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When a site's upgrades are managed with Subversion, the "Word Press 4.9.6 is available!

Please update now." notice can sometimes stick around even though the site is actually running 4.9.6.

These commands will create a directory "blog" for your blog, and then check out (Subversion command "co"), or extract from the repository (Subversion command "export"), the stable version of Word Press you have chosen.

Do not type the "$" characters -- they are just indications of the command prompt.

Next, check out Word Press v3.2 in to a new directory (that we'll call blog-new in this example): The results should only have lines that start with '?

' (for your own files that didn't come from the Word Press subversion repository) or 'X' for plugins like Akismet that have their own subversion repository.

When you install or upgrade Word Press, you have to choose a branch to use.

Version-control systems are used by software developers to keep track of their source code and its revisions behind the scenes, and periodically release versions of the software for public use.Some time later, you may decide that you want to update so that you are running the latest trunk version of the Word Press software.To do that, log in and use the Subversion "update" (up) command: Doing so will overwrite any changed Word Press-provided files, while leaving any custom or privately owned files, plugins, and themes alone.You can read more about Subversion, Subversion commands, and the use of Subversion in Word Press development in the Using Subversion article.As detailed in the Using Subversion article, the Word Press Subversion repository has several branches or sections.

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