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Your code does find the correct people, however, the outcome still has the same problem as my code. " string should show against three rows (the three rows identified in your Console. I did find a way to do this that worked, but the process was not ideal. Row Filter = "Date Of Birth Hey Decker Thanks for your reply.In order to update a dataset, you will first need to create a working copy of the dataset.Once you are in a working copy, you can go ahead and update your data right in the grid!This article explains how to send Grid View row values to another page and update the record values and return to the original Grid View page using ASP. Go to Start, then All Programs and open Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

We can easily understand by the following example that how can we add rows, delete rows and update rows of any Data Table at run time.[VB.

Item("Date Of Birth") = New Date Time(1960, 4, 11) dt.

Item("Date Of Birth") = New Date Time(1970, 5, 12) dt.

It works but isn't straightforward: Hello :) I'm afraid you cannot do with Data View To Table method,because it will fetch all the FILTERED records. You have to use a nest loop to check again and again.

When the second gridview is databound, none of the rows contain the string "Found You! This involved enumerating the rows of the filtered results and comparing them to every row in the original datatable.

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You can create your own sort routine by implementing the IComparer interface.

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