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In its 2003 Game Boy Advance remake, the game was retitled Sword of Mana (Shinyaku Seiken Densetsu, or The New Testament: Legend of the Holy Sword, in Japan), and its Final Fantasy elements removed.

A second, more faithful remake was released exclusively for Japanese mobile phones in 2006, retaining the Final Fantasy elements and subtitle.

Dark Lord was trying to find the way to the Tree of Mana to get the mighty power to conquer the world.

The world is threatened by Dark Lord who is on a quest for the power of Mana which will, once obtained, allow him to rule supreme over the land. Sumo, a gladiator whose parents were killed by Dark Lord, is imprisoned and forced to fight daily for the Dark Lord's personal entertainment.

the axe can cut down trees and open up new paths for Sumo.These spells can only be found in certain locations or obtained from other characters at specific plot intervals.In addition, the protagonist has a "will" gauge that affects his attack strength—the higher the gauge, the stronger his attack will be.However, its gameplay held more similarities to the Legend of Zelda games of that time.It was met with generally positive reviews, noting its strong story but faulting its shaky dialogue in the English versions.

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