Updating firmware n82

Zach from Jerry Rig Everything does durability tests and reviews dozens of phones every year, and he says he has never seen a smartphone that's this solidly built. And they will be released in over 120 countries simultaneously. So there is every indication that Australia is going to be one of those 120 countries.

Most speculation says to expect the phones in late May. I don't expect they'll release another press release about exact date of availability.

This is the Chinese version, however the hardware should be exactly the same as the global version, so his observations should apply to the global version as well. v=_5a Xk W0EFRI The teardown and build quality review: https://

Secondly, the Nokia 6 is manufactured by Foxconn, the same guys who manufacture i Phone.

They know how to manufacture millions of units, QA them, and then release them en mass.

I’ll never forget dropping my Lumia 920 countless times – and it surviving, and me often checking the floorboards for damage.

#Those Were The Days I bought one of these recently on e Bay, from Singapore.

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