Updating avocado green bathroom

We don't care if the color du jour is violet—selecting "trendy" paint colors is yet another bad move.

The reason: Color trends come and go so fast, what might look great today will look dated tomorrow or, even if they're totally hip, might not appeal to large swaths of buyers anyway."eep things neutral," advises Hancock.

If you are at a school, apartment building or townhouse complex that uses large green carts, please go to our Cart recycling page.

If you have extra organics occasionally, place one paper or certified compostable plastic bag of organics on top of your green bin for collection.

It's a big risk, and unless you know your exact buyer, it's better not to guess.

The next person will impose their own dreams on the house anyway.”If you decide your kitchen and bathroom are so bad they're worth redoing, don't go halfway.

But beyond that, it's up to you: Sure, the nicer your home looks, the more money you'll likely be able to fetch when selling it.

But not all improvements you make offer the same return on investment.

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Unless you can redo a whole kitchen, don't bother with partial fixes.

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