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During development, SQL meta data are in constant flux.Developers add, rename, remove tables, columns, procedures, parameters all the time.

The level of support from the j OOQ team was nothing short of excellent.Paul Woodland - ABC Information Solutions Pty Ltd The ability to trivially add SQL functions in a single line of a single method is fantastic!Honestly, we’ve gotten away using your documentation, examples, and source and never had to bug you guys with “How do I …? LAST_NAME) .having(count().gt(5)) .order By(AUTHOR. LAST_NAME.asc().nulls First()) .limit(2) .offset(1) SELECT * FROM t WHERE (t.a, t.b) = (1, 2) SELECT * FROM t WHERE (t.a, t.b) OVERLAPS (date1, date2) SELECT * FROM t WHERE (t.a, t.b) IN (SELECT x, y) UPDATE t SET (a, b) = (SELECT x, y FROM t2 WHERE ...) INSERT INTO t (a, b) VALUES (1, 2) Hi there!j OOQ incorporates the popular Active Record paradigm by modelling each database table as a typesafe record, which is capable of storing, deleting and refreshing itself through an intuitive API.Apart from the above operations, j OOQ's Active Records are also capable of Popular SQL database vendors have put a lot of effort into their most innovative and useful SQL clauses and functions and with j OOQ, you can use them very easily.

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Using j OOQ's code generator, your Java code will not only compile against your actual SQL meta data, it will also immediately take notice of the changes performed to SQL meta data.

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