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Here's what you need to know about the new darling of the right.Owens was subjected to an awful campaign of harassment when she was in high school.To find out whether your state mandates free or reduced-cost college tuition for seniors, do a Google search for [your state] tuition program senior citizens” (for example, “New York State tuition program senior citizens). You can also contact your state’s Department of Aging. There are some tantalizing fall 2014 course offerings still available, but deadlines are approaching. States do little to publicize their waivers and discounts for seniors, and there’s no website that will give you all the answers.In fact, every aspect of these programs – age, income, residential and educational eligibility, enrollment deadlines – varies from program to program, so you’ll have to do some web searching to learn what’s available specifically for you.Search on the sites for terms like “lifelong learning,” “tuition waiver” and “mature students.” Eligibility requirements The minimum age to quality for these educational bargains ranges from 50 to 65 (60 is the minimum age in New York State, 65 in Washington, DC.). Many require proof of state residency, and some ask for documentation of retirement and/or a high school diploma.

The kids responsible were ultimately charged for their harassment and Owens’ family won a ,500 settlement from the school district.But no one is feeling the tweets like Candace Owens is.She’s been rocketed to household name status literally overnight and she is thrilled about it.In New York City, Age-Friendly NYC has created a helpful and user-friendly start page for seniors looking to find suitable college courses.College Link lets you chose your areas of interest and links you to listings that include rudimentary eligibility and waiver/cost-reduction information.

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