Tv guide not updating

I’ve also included the date the firmware was released, if available.

That way, you’ll be able to see, by device, when it was updated last.

Take the NFL SUNDAY TICKET -- it's only available through DIRECTV and it draws thousands of new customers to their service, particularly with their latest specials that offer it free to new customers.

» If you've never ordered before, make sure to check if you qualify for new customer deals (DIRECTV-specific).

Innovation - necessity is the mother of invention and when two rivals (DISH and DIRECTV) constantly battle to one-up each other, their customers get new, faster and more advanced technology...usually at the same or lower price.

With cable, most companies have near-monopolies in their cities/counties so they have very little motivation to invest in R&D.

DISH Network and DIRECTV have been at the cutting edge of digital programming for years.

We're often surprised at how many folks think cable is the only game in town.

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