Tips for dating a doctor

Tip #3: Be Ready to Put in MORE Time – They say all is fair and equal in true love. By the first month, I knew a dinner date meant me cooking, packing and cleaning up afterwards only to spend 30 minutes eating with Surgeon. Did that mean Surgeon NEVER cooked for me or NEVER did dishes? It became a habit for me to ask, “So, what procedure did you do today? But not because I asked 🙂 Tip #5: Be Honest About what YOU Want – Also on Single with Scalpel’s list, yet it’s important on both sides. Tip #8: 99% of Bad Moods/Days are NOT About You – This was really a hard one to learn for me…

After my first formal date with Surgeon, it got not-so-formal.

In the end, your where-to-have-a-date question should be: where can I spend the most time with this person? Tip #2: Appreciate Time Constraints – Residents don’t have a lot of free time. But when you’re dating a resident, fair and equal doesn’t apply for many things, especially time-wise. There have been many disappointing moments in our almost 4 years together directly tied to Surgeon being caught up in some dilemma at the hospital. No-shows with delayed responses as to WHY the no-show. Once, he had to leave me mid-ordering a meal during my birthday dinner. But it sucked for BOTH of us, not just my poor little self sitting alone at a table.

Surgeon worked 100 hours for many weeks, and with 4 days off a month, it wasn’t easy getting a “weekend away.” Realize this and really appreciate that they want to spend that little time off with you, instead of, you know, SLEEPING. It’s one thing being flexible, but you should also count on spending a lot of time prepping on your own for that date. Tip #4: Be the NON-Work Person – I found out early on that I LOVED listening to Surgeon talk about his work. Tip #7: Know That You’ll Sometimes Come Second – but never by choice. Surgeon didn’t get to eat again for a whole night and day.

If you have anything to add to the list, let me know below!

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