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Only a tiny handful of women in the world get to wear these stunningly beautiful tiaras and even fewer still are able to possess them.

Queen Elizabeth does not actually own the Crown Jewels.

It can be worn in front of the forehead or above the forehead in the hair.

While this tiara certainly is beautiful, Meghan may choose another one simply because of the mixed feelings these memories create.Each of these matching bracelets featured a gemstone.Two of them used diamonds, one had sapphires, one had emeralds, and one was made of rubies.It might contain rare metals that have been recently discovered and come in an unusual storage case made out of transparent aluminum.It could contain her DNA fingerprint to show the authenticity of it and who was the original real owner.

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The Queen Mother's Cartier Bandeau tiara was made for none other than Queen Mother, but Markle could wear it as well.

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