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The faux cum splattered onto its chest and into the path of its other hand, which was still massaging its nipples.

The cum was swept up and smeared across Dick's flawless chest.

"Before you fuck me, I want you to masturbate to orgasm. Then you're going to keep fucking me until I pass out from the sheer intensity of the pleasure you're giving me." "Anything for you, sweetest." Kara lightly plucked at her hard nipples and said, "Masturbate for me, Dick." The android wrapped the fingers of one large hand around its enormous shaft and began to stroke it lightly, up and down, from root to swollen, purple-tinged tip. Dick's free hand went to it perfectly sculpted chest, toying with first one tight nipple, then the other, rubbing and pinching.

Kara felt her juices running from her twat, forming a very large wet patch on the comforter.

It was always warm and tasted just like the sweetest cum she'd ever feasted upon.

But it wasn't just Dick's dick that was so impressive, Kara thought as she dipped a finger into her dripping cooze and stared at her mechanical lover.

She squeezed her eyes closed, savoring the sheer mind-numbing pleasure her own touch brought to her.

"Mistress, if you still desire to watch my orgasm, I am very close." Kara forced her eyes open, staring lustfully at Dick as her body still shuddered with orgasmic bliss.

For insatiably horny women such as herself, anyway.Kara watched, as always, in awe of how physically perfect her new toy was. And completely devoted to but one thing - her sexual gratification. As she watched and thought about her good fortune, Kara kept stroking her dripping cooze and hard nipples, her hips wiggling as she held off dipping her fingers back into herself.It was the one and only single thing that he existed for. The next thing that slid into her hot, wet love tunnel was going to be Dick's super-sized cock.A few moments later, it stopped, then opened its eyes, gazing at Kara. Dick rose, its false cum dripping from its still erect cock, running down its too-hot body as it moved to sit beside her."My love, do you still desire to clean me before I worship your body?

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The android actually drew moisture from the surrounding air and mixed it with a fine white power made from dehydrated proteins to make its own faux cum.

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