Teenage dating from a biblical standpoint

From the ideological principles formulated in Mein Kampf to the original anti-Jewish legislation in Germany of the 1930s, the Jews were singled out as the focus of German wrath.According to the Commentaries to the German Racial Laws of 1936: "The Blood Protection Law deals with the segregation of Jewish and German blood from the biological point of view…

Mass Jewish emigration was Germany's goal at that point.In recent decades, attention has rightly been drawn to the large number of non-Jewish victims of Nazi Germany.Besides the estimated 6 million Jewish lives, between 5 and 12 million other people were killed prior to and during the war years.In light of these facts, re-framing the Holocaust as an outburst of racism or the effort of Fascism to eradicate human freedom is no less than a conscious distortion of history and a denial of the lessons that need to be learned.The genocide of innocent peoples deemed inferior or unproductive emanated from Nazi Germany's drive to exterminate the Jewish value system that teaches the inherent human rights of all people.

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