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We would hear “ay girl come get yourself a real man, not a boy” constantly or women asking “why would you date anyone shorter than you that’s so weird”.

SOME things were made harder due to height in bed but it could always be fixed easily and holding hands in public was made difficult when we were standing (especially when she wore heels) but we didn’t care, we liked one another and made things work.

Instead, address it immediately by doing two things: First, tell her you find her attractive. Any compliment will do, as long as it’s not about her height. Don’t harp on it, or constantly tell her how tall she is, or ask her if she’s part of a woman’s basketball team. In my case, I always make a joke about her being kinda short for my taste, like I did with Tina.

Sexy, blonde, with bangs that covered her forehead and a cute button-nose, looking sleek and bored in a black form-fitting dress. I smirked at her with a wink, and she pulled herself up to her full height. Add that to my list of strange fetishes, alongside the Pepto Bismol one.She was insanely insecure about her height and we had a couple of discussions regarding it, for instance her ex didn't want to be seen with her because she was apparently too tall (even if he was taller) and many people liked to randomly comment on her height or ask her about it.She did catch a lot of attention despite living in a country full of tall people (seen a couple of girls taller than her and there are tons of girls here standing around 6'0" or above) but i could tell many guys were looking at her both in a positive and negative way.I dated a woman who was 6 ft 2 inches and a legitimate one at that.I’m VERY short clocking in at 5 ft 5 inches without shoes is on and honestly, some things are a bit harder in bed but also makes some things easier.

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