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The lesson here is to put the good things about you at the forefront. Disclosing your interests makes for effortless conversations and paints a clearer picture of the type of person you are. According to a study from Ok Cupid and Match.com, it’s best if some of the interests below are included because it’s what the popular online dating kids do.For men, some activities they should include are surfing, hiking, and live music.

In WWII, the Army Service Number consisted of 8 digits based on status and geographic location.There are numerous styles and subtle changes made to dog tags from WWII through Vietnam.In this section, we will attempt to show the "most common" style for different time periods.there seems to be many variations that are not as "straight forward" as Army tags.The last name is on the first line and the second line either has both of your initials, or your first name and middle initial. Fifth line for religion is fully spelled out such as Protestant, Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Episcopal, Hebrew, etc.

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