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When two young men become very close friends, they often enhance their relationship by accepting one another as "brothers," thus placing each in a position of special responsibility toward the other.

There is no real basis for a close relationship except ties of kinship. The son or daughter of one's father brother, i.e., one's first cousin, is considered the most appropriate mate.

The differences are expressed and fostered in child rearing, in ideology, and in daily life.

Because of the cohesiveness of religious and ethnic groups, they universally encourage endogamy, or the marriage of members within the group.

Syrians ideally and sentimentally prefer the three-generation household consisting of a senior couple; their married sons, daughters-in-law, and grandchildren; and their unmarried sons, daughters, and other miscellaneous patrilineal relatives.

However, this payment is often specified in prenuptial contracts to be payable only in the event of a divorce or separation.Commercial establishments are largely family operations staffed by the offspring and relatives of the owner.Cooperation among business firms may be determined by the presence or absence of kinship ties between the heads of firms.A strict division of labor by sex is observed in most social environments, with the exception of certain circumscribed professional activities performed by educated urban women.The roles of the sexes in family life differ markedly, as do the social expectations.

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Syrians employed in modern bureaucratic positions, such as government officials, therefore find impersonal impartiality difficult because its conflicts with the deeply held value of family solidarity.

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