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Before all the current technological tools, in those days,ahead of time, what to move.Then along came the early modified VCR devices to record & save your animation and then later, computer based software to capture and save the animated frames.Finally, Stop Motionists can SEE the frame by frame motion on the screen, animating.A basically, simple technology, however, for the Stop Motion Art/Craft, the "live video frame grabbing technique" which provides accurate frame to frame animation visual measurment, control, & instant feedback; has made aon the animation quality, creative freedom, and also, significantly increasing the animator's consistent animation results, and more production output.If you have any issues or questions, I do not know how responsive they are. To me, this program looks more focused on creating animations for the Free Video Hosting websites (like You Tube).For you High Definition obsessed, this is not for you.You do not need to export your movie to other software in order to complete your project. Also, I do not see a list if IKITmovie is compatible with certain USB webcams or maybe works with most webcams. onionskinning, timeline navigation & zooming (not sure what that is)), quick preview, you can cut, paste and duplicate frames. Remember too, most likely, if you pay for program, you will get customer service support.

It took much practice to master Stop Motion back then.

products back in 2000 year, to offer to the public, a completely dedicated & specialty Stop Motion program for the Stop Motion hobbyist, practitioner, and for pro use.

It has quite a number of very specific and beneficial video capture card). A trial demo version is available for you to test it.

It appears that IKITmovie is forwith resolutions good enough for internet and mobile media.

Has custom built sound engine with over 2,200 sound effects and background music. Their flash based tutorials are good but not fully completed or still under construction. It seems to have good amount of basic features .....

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