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Delivery driver Rich Lawson, 27, said: 'There was a lot of blood and she looked like she was unconscious.'Police yesterday said a post-mortem examination showed the cause of Miss Hayes' death was shock and haemorrhaging as a result of a wound to the throat.

Miss Williams is said to have 'idolised' Miss Hayes and raced to the hospital after the attack. I've never seen her so happy since she's been with Cassie.

Note – this page was originally titled “HMHB Lyrics Quoted In The Media”, and was for just that, but it’s become the repository for discussing any mention of HMHB in the media.

For old times’ sake, however, here’s the original intro: Oh what a frightening world it can be.

They had a daughter Ruby, now four, but split after her birth because they 'lost the connection', although the youngster stayed with Miss Hayes three nights a week.

The Old Bailey heard the killer, who was given a new identity by the Home Office, hid his laptop with the disturbing images behind his bed.Then suddenly, the most unexpected source quotes Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics at you, and all is right again.Gratuitous, inappropriate, calculated or amusingly impromptu: if you read or hear any Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics being broadcast or quoted in print, embarrass or applaud the author in the box below.It comes as the Daily Star reports that Venables claimed he was 'possessed by the devil' when he murdered James.He is said to have made the boast to prison guards while awaiting sentencing for child porn offences.

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'My heart is breaking for them more than anything.'Cassie lost her dad when she was young so it was just the three girls – her mum, sister and Cassie.'She added that despite their split the two women remained close and that she had promised her family she would look after her.'She was very funny and witty. She was literally the best thing that I could have had in my life.

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