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I stood and did a few sexy moves just for fun and then sat back down in the squeaky old armchair.

Joann kept telling me how nice my body was and that I should love it. She said I was lucky to have small firm boobs because that would help me as a dancer.

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I was sitting in an old squeaky armchair and Joann was at the end of the couch facing me with her long legs stretched out.

We fantasized about dancing and I told Joann about my younger years of dance, which was nothing like the movie we had just watched.

Our conversations turned to boobs and nipples for a short time but then the conversation died. Then Joann asked me a question that made me afraid at first. When I asked what she meant, she opened her legs and slowly ran her fingers to her clitoris area and made a circle with her fingers. Joann told me she was sorry for being so bold and I stuttered that it was no big deal and not to worry about being a normal woman.I had always worked out since my gymnastic and dance days. I was with Joann for a little over a week when we became the best of friends.Once I was out of school, I quit both but I just had to keep my body fit. Each day after work I would hit the club to work out and would see Joann each time, either teaching class or on the floor training others.We both hit it off right away with many mutual interests.An added bonus for me was Joann got me a free membership at the fitness center where she worked which was a short walk away.

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