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For safety, some features (video playback, some parts of the address book, and the keyboard to enter information) are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

Drivers can use the voice recognition feature, however.

Included is the one DVD ROM map data disc which covers all of the mapped 48 U. (Because this radio has a larger faceplate than the radio it would be replacing, you would have to order it elsewhere to complete the installation of this radio. The Gracenote� database will recognize 100,000 CDs, but it cannot recognize newly released CDs that came out after the database was installed. The first update to the Gracenote database is due in late March 2008.

The bezel is NOT included.) This unit also works with rear seat factory VES systems. For safety reasons, certain features such as video playback, parts of the address book, and the keyboard to enter information are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

If the navigation system shows the wrong current location, use the Nav menu and make sure that the radio is receiving at least four satellites.

Then drive the vehicle on main roads (which are more likely to be in the database) until the current location is correctly shown.

If the voice recognition system has trouble understanding a user, he/she can train it using a short procedure. My GIG radios designed for a high-speed electrical bus will not work on a vehicle with a low-speed bus, and vice versa.

(Nothing will be damaged, but the system will not work.) The use of a Star SCAN to retrieve and change additional radio settings may be required.

Restore power, disc should read properly and complete update.

The voice recognition system is designed to work with the windows up, the HVAC fan on Off or Low, and the user speaking in a normal tone.

It will not work as well if the windows are down, the fan is on high, or if the driver speaks in low tones.

Emergency eject of stuck discs - Homemade CD-Rs or DVD-Rs that were poorly formatted may confuse the system, causing the disc to become jammed.

On radios with software version 9.041 or later, you can force the disc to eject using a combination of keys. Then, for an RER radio, hold the NAV button while pressing SEEK UP and SEEK DOWN at the same time.

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