Silverlight combobox selectedvalue not updating whos akon dating

I have mocked up a sample project demonstrating this but I don't see any way to attach it. NOTE: In terms of changing the Items Source, I haven't seen any difference in behaviour between assigning a different object reference collection or a copied collection. If the Observable Collection my Rad Combo Box Items Source is bound to changes (e.g.we "reload" by clearing it and asynchronously adding new items back into it), the property bound to Selected Item or Selected Value is null'ed out when the collection is emptied.The problem is that I have another button on the page that invokes a 'save' function where I want to extract the selectedvalue to save in the DB.In this function, I get Rad Combo Box General Field.When in doubt, explicitly set Mode=Two Way for both templates.Hi, I have two related comboboxes (copied the code from

I get -1 in the Selected Value, the only property I have is the text and I would not want to rely on that to update the DB.We will investigate the case and will provide more specific assistance and information. Hello Billy Hasan, I used the code provided and created a sample page in order to reproduce the issue with our latest version - Telerik. Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?I'm not completely happy with this solution but it is ultimately what we implemented.My main issue with overriding the equals method is that, while we are comparing the objects by what would be its primary key in the database, not every object has its primary key set.

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