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I took my time about easing the panties up over her long legs.

The aroma coming from her sex was intoxicating and I wondered if my zip was strong enough to contain my aching prick without breaking."I think a long dress would be more suitable for a funeral, don't you?

I just want to get a few ideas, we're shooting next month.""A porno? "Well soft at the moment, but I think I've got a big German distribution company interested. That's where the big money is."My aunt was the founder and managing director of a chain of DVD rental shops.

""Boring.""What I want isn't boring," she said softly." she asked."Perfect," I answered truthfully, "Except possibly for the panties.""Take them off then, you're probably right.""You're enjoying this aren't you?" she asked as I slipped the panties down and kissed her lower stomach."No, no not at all." I replied as I kissed lower and pushed her gently down onto the bed."Hi mum."She was standing at the sink, looking good as usual in tight pink trousers and a white top. ""Oh you know same old stuff, but at least it's Friday.I can relax for the weekend.""Well I'm not sure about that. If it's a big job I might stay over so don't worry if I'm not back.""Well I hope she appreciates it, you're always over there helping her out.""It's no bother mum.

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