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This is mainly due to the overly designed and complex building blocks used these days, and indeed the last boxes I did buy, that prevent real creativity.

In this post I evaluate my personal experience with the kits of the three with a decent collection of boxes and relatively easy to find: In this review it is important to know that I have not bought any boxes of original LEGO (tm) past 2007 for myself to build, except the occasional board game.Both boxes contain the same parts and extras, nothing left to chance there. What was fairly obvious when building this set is that there is limited quality control on the molding and printing equipment.Most parts go easily on and stick decently, but some have slight disfigurements that make them hard to apply. There are no big problems with building and it can be completed in a fairly straight forward manner, but at some points I had to wonder: "Would any kid under 16 have the finger strength to get everything on? I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of it, but on one of the sides the "Police" print was set too far to the left, making it an "olice" helicopter on that side.For your safety, we recommend hiring a professional.Over time, soil erosion can change the slope of the ground around your house, until one day you realize rainwater is flowing toward the house instead of toward the street!

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Be sure to keep an eye on this and take action to avoid seepage problems.

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