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Man, I should've read what the media had to say, because Home is really stupid. I made his avatar into a female and hit on a bunch of random dudes, sending them friend requests and messages.

He was ecstatic to discover all the shit on his PS3 the next day.

I'm a fairly sexy chick in Home, got the heels and everything.

I mean, is there even a serious reason to be on Home? It's the biggest mistake Sony made with the PS3, right after having no good games (for the love of sarcasm)Home is stupid, actually it's beyond stupid, I remember at E3 last year, they were showing all of the sony PC at the virtual cinema thing, so I went there cuz I though that was kinda neat, then I see these 2 "girls" going around stopping by "guys" and saying something like "hey if you buy me this and this we will be your girlfriends", that alone made me reconsider the idea of using Home ever again, I disconnected shortly thereafter....

If you believe that offender information is in error, please submit a tip by clicking the icon located on the offender?

Unlawful use of the information for purposes of intimidating or harassing another is prohibited and willful violation shall be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

The fact that you have to download a room before you enter was kind of a boner killer.

When I realized it was responding like a bot would I was just sad I wasted my own time. That's crazy, wtf is wrong with people these days, like fr theirs children who play on PSN, like wtf? It only takes one in a hundred, maybe fewer, to fall for it to make a profit because they bots do all the work for them. Let me drink Fireball and play video games in peace, jerks. replace letters with numbers and you most likely wont get a response. Said it was in uni and had a friend who also did the 'webcam show'.

Trust me, they keep adding to it and making it better.

"I went to the theater, bowling alley, and the mall.

Seriously these scammers need to go get a life instead of trying to scam people on Play Station Network, fr man what a bunch of low lifes!!!!!!!!!! Until Sony does something about them, they won't have a reason to stop. I responded by saying "Bot" and it replied saying "bot??? I thought it might not be a bot and instead be a scammer so I said "Airplanes don't sail, banana" to check how it responded to nonsense, but it just said the line about needing a credit card. I've had two people message me on PSN this month, first I've ever had from people I don't know. I reported it and got a message back from Sony later that day telling me that there was nothing wrong with the messages and to not abuse the report feature as it could result in me being banned. Can't remember what the other options were, but maybe I should have chosen something else Go to the users profile press the Options button and the only option should be report. seems like there on a set response time and only dedicated for a certain time before giving up.

I said "Bot" again and it replied with the same "bot??? Immediately checked their trophies to see they've not got a single one so they're likely bots. It's going to ask you "What you want to report? someone just keeps changing the outgoing responses like now it says "ur mom is a bot" and randomly throws in "this is the 'special' page for special ppl!!!!

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