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Sesshomaru is Inu-Yasha’s older half brother and is full youkai.They shared a father, who was also a full youkai (dog demon).Bonus: crossovers from other works by Rumiko Takahashi are also acceptable if you like your choice. She has a series of oneshots about if bacically everyone in the series were perverts.Don't forget to write it out, don't just list them as shown above. Maybe, if Kagura, Kanna, or anyone in the Band of Seven lived, and aided in defeating Naraku? And if Inu Taisho was brought back to life, possibly evil.

Here’s a few spellings: Sesshoumaru Sessho-Maru Sessho Maru Seishoumaru (I have seen this!Their father’s grave was hidden inside Inu-Yasha’s right eye.Sesshomaru was looking for his father’s grave to find the Tetsusaiga, a sword that can kill 100 youkai in one swing, and was forged from their father’s fang.Or take Miroku’s perversity and apply it to Inuyasha, Kouga, Sesshomaru, Naraku or Hojo etc while switching Kagome’s personality with Sango’s, and see how that goes.Or give Kaede, Totosai’s personality and make her the mother of Gineji and see how it goes.

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