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Scott's answer only prompted more questions from Kris, who asked: 'Wait, so how old is she? 'Scott isn't the only one who's moving on from his nearly decade long relationship with Kourtney.

Being a multi-talented person as he has released a hip-hop album with The Whooliganz and is a professional photographer.

The pretty private actor talked briefly about a girlfriend during an appearance on Chelsea Lately in January 2013, and they didn't formally announce Byxbee's pregnancy themselves.

"She should get the purple heart because I'm a complete disaster," Caan said about his live-in...

Still playing his cards close to the chest, Scott said: 'Yeah, it's something new.' 'Are you going steady? 'After learning the model was only 19, the California native confirmed Scott's age. OK, so I was 17 and Robert was 12 years older,' Kris remembered.

' Kris cooed with a wry smile.'I guess that's what the kids call it,' laughed Scott before confirming that the lady in question was none-other than Sofia Richie, the teen daughter of singer Lionel. Cleverly, Scott spots a difference, telling Jenner: 'You were underage, she's not.'Far from offended, Kris smiled and told her almost son-in-law 'Touché!

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