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Clarke is best known as the author who collaborated with Stanley Kubrick to produce 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The scientific community remembers him as the man who first conceptualized geosynchronous communication-satellites, in a 1945 paper that became the foundation for modern communications technology.

Smaller ones are being downed at the rate of a dozen a day.

So when a huge new asteroid appears the only surprise is that is was overlooked for so long.

And as observations continue, the most impossible explanation becomes the only one: Rama is actually a spaceship.

The next step is obvious: mankind must attempt a rendezvous. As fate has it, that ship is Endeavor - the ship that you command.

Without even reading them, you know what your orders will be: to rendezvous with the giant ship, to explore it, to meet with its inhabitants, and to return home before it speeds on its orbit away from the solar system.

His non-fiction includes collections of his correspondence with C. Lewis and Lord Dunsany, as well as many books on physics, science, and space travel, from 1950's guidebook Interplanetary Flight to 1994's The Snows Of Olympus, a graphic look at a terraformed Mars.

Alfred Bester (Psi Cop from Babylon-5)(Bester's quote refers to non-telepaths.

Comic-Con attendees use the label "mundanes" to refer to people who "don't enjoy sci-fi") To film buffs, Arthur C.

It all began at Christmas 1948 - yes 1948 - with a four-thousand-word short story that I wrote for a contest sponsored by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).

The Sentinel described the discovery of a small pyramid on the Moon, set there by some alien civilization to await the emergence of mankind as a planet-faring species.

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