Sandy and keanu dating

Much of this film plays like a mystery with mothers and fathers, siblings, and boy and girl friends weaving in and out of the story in the present time of 2004 and the present time of 2006.

And they do so with grace and charm and a chemistry that can't be readily explained.But after he was linked with a string of beauties, including Charlize Theron, and Sandra hooked up with Ryan Reynolds, they remained just friends.However, for the past month our source says Sandra and Keanu, both 47, finally decided to give their romance a shot and have been sharing a series of intimate dates.When two people "connect" the bond between them can be so pure and simple as to stir hearts in heaven.When they connect in all the right places at all the wrong times, heaven weeps for broken hearts. When Alex first meets Morgan at his house in 2004, there are dead leaves all over the yard of Morgan's house like it's the fall, but all the trees around are bright green and it's obviously spring- some of the trees are just starting to sprout leaves.

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