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However, thanks to Avery, Leslie begins to think Gus could be innocent.

Later, DNA evidence turns up that reveals implicates Wheeler in Belinda's murder, exonerating Gus.

All characters through October are introduced by executive producer Jill Farren Phelps and head writer Josh Griffith; The news of her casting was confirmed in December 2012 by co-star Robert Adamson, who portrays Noah Newman, on Twitter.

He welcomed her to the soap opera, saying that he'll "keep it under wraps for now who she’s playing.

He is released from prison and Leslie and Tyler attempt to repair their relationships with their father.

Soon after, Gus suffers a heart attack and is hospitalized, while Leslie finds a box with Gus' possessions in it.

As Avery gets closer to getting Gus's conviction overturned, someone attempts to kill her and Leslie believes it is one of Gus's associates.Adam disposes of the body, and Victor later investigates and finds out that Stephanie is Stephanie Wheeler, daughter of Senator Marcus Wheeler. Victor becomes very concerned, as Marcus is a very powerful man.Wheeler is later revealed to have had an affair with Belinda Rogan, the mother of Leslie and Tyler Michaelson (Angell Conwell and Redaric Williams), who was believed to be murdered by her husband, Gus, as he was convicted for the crime.Afterward, evidence surfaced that Wheeler was in fact the one who murdered Belinda and Gus was set free.Wheeler made bail, but Bob later turned on his employer and revealed that Wheeler was the one who hired him to bomb the Newman ranch. Todd made his last appearance on May 7, 2013, upon the character's death.

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