Reboot problems after updating symantec antivirus

NO dump logs were created and ONLY info available was with the event log viewer.The statement was the shutdown data values all 0, NO BCC codes or other values with a different value, all 0's.

Hope that helps explain why all this apparent duplication is needed.

Now you know where we are do not hesitate to ask questions, new or old!

And help others whenever you can see something you have been through yourself. Hi All; Last month I followed the instructions from bjm_ and it helped at that time.

time flies....) I ran Live Update -- I've not been having the BSODs but maybe because I'm on 32 bit Windows or don't use Identity Safe or the Toolbar/Extensions -- and got a list of 9 updates coming down.

After it told me they were done it said to Restart to complete but before I did so I clicked on the little link in the bottom left corner that gives details of the updates and it flagged one as needing the restart (I think it was something like Norton Engine Services) so I did a Restart.

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