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At the same time, Puerto Ricans were unable to expand the limits of their autonomy to include international diplomacy, such as playing a greater role in Caribbean affairs.Sentiment in favour of statehood grew following the admission of Alaska and Hawaii to the United States, particularly because Puerto Ricans increasingly were depending on federal aid for the unemployed, elderly, and war veterans.The result showed that 60.4 percent of the electorate supported commonwealth status, 38.9 percent statehood, and 0.6 percent independence.Both the leaders of the PPD and influential members of the U. federal government agreed that the commonwealth relationship needed to be improved and the degree of self-government broadened.Agriculture lost importance, and there was rapid growth in manufacturing and in the number and size of urban and suburban settlements. government introduced food stamps in 1974 in order to improve the diets of poorer residents, and by 1980 about three-fifths of the population was receiving the benefit.In addition, cultural, political, and economic links with the United States increased as greater numbers of Puerto Ricans migrated there. The PPD returned to power briefly in 1973–76 under the leadership of Rafael Hernández Colón, a young protégé of Muñoz Marín.

A handful of Nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Gov.

Not that the explosion at a power substation in February helped.

The Puerto Rican governor first said 95 percent of power would be restored by December, then said full power would be restored by February, and now it's May.

Nationalist violence broke out again on March 1, 1954, in Washington, when four Nationalists—three men and a woman—fired weapons from the viewing galleries of the House of Representatives, wounding five Congressmen.

Legal reviews in the courts, both insular and federal, continued to enforce the commonwealth concept.

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Now, pro-statehood activists were joining the effort, out of frustration with Washington’s apparent reluctance to either embrace statehood or expand Puerto Rico’s autonomous powers.

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