Psychosis and spirituality consolidating the new paradigm

Well dreams are a two-way communication between the physical brain and the spirit / higher mind / higher self / subconscious, with the soul being the intermediate layer that facilitates this transmission back and forth.When you’re asleep, the soul detaches from the body a bit and expands just enough to tap into stimulus from the higher mind.

As a result, there are certain glitches or inconsistencies in our everyday experiences and in the world (fortean phenomena, synchronicities, spontaneous invisibility, time warps, etc.) that show the cracks in the façade.

Not to mention, what afterlife research, aliens, and metaphysical beings suggest about there being another reality behind the curtain.

I think the flat Earth theory is disinformation meant to distract and keep people limited to lower dimensional thinking instead of thinking hyperdimensionally or metaphysically.

In other words, something that was artificially induced is transferred over to the psychological domain, where it lives on long after the drug has worn off.

For example, some people get paranoid while on marijuana, maybe feeling like their roommate is putting poison in his milk or something.

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