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" country="Finland" ipaddress="" anchor="/f/gmodaddon/jitu/Advanced-Duplicator-2/8/#postcmzok" posted="1329759203" postnumber="220" postid="1092138" forumid="36" edittime="0" editinfo="" userid="44014" username="Sweet One" threadid="114106" posts="0" threads="0" joindate="" userurl="/u/fjby/Sweet One/" avatar="" avatarstyle="" usersearchurl="/search/user/fjby/" userclass="username" leveltitle="LVL1 - 0% to LVL2" levelclass="level-1" level="1"I got exessive sizelevel for element when i pasted a parented car and drive it, i also went through a floor. Also when i tryed to unfroze my car after pasting it.

Apply Dupe Info: Error, Could not find the output entity Selected output not found or no output present.

Used my mg_pauls_multigame template and forgot to change the bottom text -.-) On my linux server, work fine without addon, but with eventscript, cannot join the server : with metamod/sourcemod, can join game but some function of sm plugin crash the server. func_physbox (ball1) at (466.490 3809.490 77.500) using obsolete or unknown material type.

I wonder why this keeps happening: [IMG] Ra Gl.jpg[/IMG] I try duping my plane chassis but one of the 4 ropes is always in regular rope form and nonrigid, redoing the ropes won't help either.

Dispatcher Unhandled Exception Event Args args) Unknown [Native to Managed Transition] [External Code] [Managed to Native Transition] Windows Base.dll!

used the tool easy_precision on models/props_phx/misc/iron_beam2[Adv Dupe2Notify] Finished Pasting!

Depth First Search FPassing On Way Up) Unknown Jet Brains.

Ex Data exd, bool render Sensitive Data) Unknown Jet Brains.

Add Line(string name, string value) Unknown Jet Brains.

A server I played it on had some fucked up addons which caused rotating things to slow down. func_physbox (ball2) at (176.590 3424.420 77.500) using obsolete or unknown material type.

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