Polyamory married and dating poly anniversary

It’s harder to conceal an infidelity when you have to be physically present to arrange it.But when they can have entire conversations with other people – in much? but why has he liked so many of his photos on Instagram?Or they may just hate it when people read over their shoulder. Or their partner could, y’know, be irrationally jealous and they don’t feel like having a fight right now.Did they have a meeting with someone of the opposite sex where no “business” got done?

To be blunt, this reads less like the behaviors of a cheating partner and the ravings of someone who’s convinced that their partner is banging telepaths whenever they close their eyes.With the way Facebook encourages us to overshare and Instagram prods us to present a very particular form of glamor, how many ways is there for some homewrecker to sneak into your relationship. Why did she share that article about sex positions on his wall?Why did she tell her ex “happy birthday” with a silly little gif?It’s one thing if your husband comes home with the classic lipstick on his collar or your wife smells faintly of someone else’s cologne.It may break your heart to know that they’ve cheated on you, but you have a way of detecting it.

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